Make more money by turning property into vacation rental

Short term rentals in Dubai is available for tenants to book your property for a period of one night or up to 180 days. Tenants are looking for shorter-term commitment and in the process, your property is losing out on yearly rentals.

Due to the rise in the vacancy period in a 3-year cycle, landlords have to cut down on rent. With over 300% increase in the number of homes by 2020, leasing out homes for a shorter-term seems inevitable and highly profitable.

  • It promises a higher yearly yield, shorter period of vacancy and freedom of use.
  • Short stay contracts require no Ejari registration (tenancy contract registration) of the said contracts. Therefore the landlord has full control of the prices.
  • It is fiscally sound and encouraged.
  • In Dubai, a 25-40% increase in earnings through short term rentals has been reported.
  • Hassle-free property management wherein the operator takes care of furnishings, maintenance, and marketing of the property.
  • With a higher influx of tourists and business travellers, short term rentals are gaining higher popularity.

With us taking care of your holiday home, you can be rest assured that you will always get the best returns from your property investment.

Are you excited to earn the best ROI ever? Contact us with your availability and let’s have a quick chat!

For more information, have a look at our website here.

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